The internal chemical washing of tanks and containers is done by four spray-heads at the same time. Effective cleaning is guaranteed by 100 degrees Celsius hot steam produced by heavy-duty furnace.

We got the HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which enables us to clean containers used even for storing food. Washing is efficient and sterile if done by 100 degrees Celsius steam. Cleaning is always certified with a lead.

We successfully acquired European Union aid in 2010 by which we changed the entire production line. The new production line and our well-qualified assistants make our work absolutely efficient and fast.

A café of high standard is also available at our car-wash.

Having a shower and closed parking facilities are assured free of charge for lorry drivers. The area of the car wash is equipped with security cameras.

Our main aim is to make our clients satisfied and to expand the customer base.  


Our firm has been dealing with the selling of second-hand cars, car washing and detailing, truck- and tank-cleaning and bus rental since 1995.

Second-hand cars:

Our main business is selling second-hand cars, since 1989. At present we have a 2500 square metre big site at Budapest XVIII. Üllői Street 308., where we store 70-80 cars. Besides selling Hungarian cars with service manual – or even warranty in most cases – our clients may exchange their cars for any of the vehicles which can be found at our site. As regard the sale we are ready to arrange the entire administration as well as the official administration (changing the ownership of the vehicle).

Credit intermediation: We give you the possibility to take credit, take on lease of vehicles, permanent leasing and leaseback, as well as having constructions with or without casco or with built-in construction. Credit can be demanded Ft-based or currency-based as it is assured by banks. Vehicles bought elsewhere can also be financed. The administration is possible during even 2-5 workdays!

Insurance mediation: We are in contracted partnership with GBU Insurance Mediator and Supplier, Ltd. through whom we are associated with all the most important insurance companies and insurance associations. Our clients have the possibility to effect insurance at any of the insurance companies.

Just feel free to see our cars at www.hasznaltauto.hu!

Car washing and detailing:

You can find our three-position NON-STOP hand car wash not so far from our car park in Margó Tivadar Street. We are ready to clean even 12 cars at the same time, as well as mend cars damaged by ice. The origin test of cars can also be done on the spot. Every Monday and Tuesday there is a 50% discount and discount card can be given to taxi drivers and regular customers alike. Our clients may spend their time either in our waiting room or at our modernized buffet while waiting for their cars to be prepared.


The most modern and the newest lorry-wash of Hungary can be found in Heves, Pusztacsász Street and available NON-STOP. It is suitable for the cleaning of either bigger vehicles, special trucks, agricultural machines, tanker trucks or vehicles used for transporting chemicals and food.

Coach hire:

Last but not least we are also dealing with domestic and foreign passenger transport. At present we have two well-equipped coaches in which you can find CD and DVD player, kitchenette, refrigerator, air conditioner, two microphones, domestic WIFI, ski box, lavatory and toilet. Our vehicles fully meet the expectations of international charter passenger transportation (we have Euro4 entry permit). Our drivers have years of professional practice and international experience. We have our coaches serviced at the official maintenance of MAN. We offer our supply either for travel agencies, companies, individuals, schools, nurseries or sport clubs, inland and abroad alike.

Let us know the planned programmes and so we can give you a bid which includes the rent of the bus, the hire of the drivers as well as the additional costs (e.g.: motorway fees – even abroad – and parking, VAT etc.).