UK-MUK-FUK, Ltd. is a car wash which has been operating in Heves since the August of 2004. First, it dealt with the washing of only cars and trucks. From the summer of 2006 we started to clean tanks and containers of transport companies both externally and internally.

We use the most modern showerheads. The cleaning of tanks - used for storing food, chemicals and silo – happens at Pusztacsász street 32., in Heves at our site which has been owned privately.

UK-MUK-FUK, Ltd. is the member of the Hungarian Association of Tank Cleaners. With the leading of MSZT certification body we successfully acquired both the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certification in 2007. The audit was led by Dr. Gyula Körtvélyessy, leading auditor.

It was also 2007 when we did the SQAS audit with the leading of Ms Mónika Ferenc. Since then we are able to certificate our work with an ECD (European Cleaning Document), which is accepted at petrol stations all over Europe.

UK-MUK-FUK, Ltd. tries to preserve the environment as well as to develop itself economically.